New Episode is up my handsomes

Hello everyone! Episode 7 is now up for download.  I talk about thanksgiving, going to  funeral, how all politcians are evil, and the patriots.  The end of the podcast was recorded right after I learned that a biopsy I had done was melanoma.  I tried not to sound too bummed out but it was difficult to pull off.  It looks like they caught it really early and that I should be fine.  It totally freaked me out and caused me to really look at my life and be thankful for all I have.  Thanks for listening.



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The Battle of “New and Noteworthy”

Well I made the list yesterday and was elated.  I then got taken off the list and fell into a deep depression.  Good news, I’m back on the list baby!!! The longer I can stay up there the more I can grow out my audience.  I am leaving the link to iTunes below because I am a shameless self promoter.  Thanks for reading everyone!


“Gettin Up” is gaining traction!

I am very excited to say that my podcast “Gettin Up” has been listed on the iTunes New and Noteworthy list. It’s a list of 100 shows that are manually entered depending on some formulas having to do with comments, ratings, and downloads. I am hoping that this will give me a little boost so that I can reach a larger audience. This has largely to do with the people that downloaded and left ratings and comments. Thanks to everyone for the support!

Steve G




Episode 4 everybody!

I hope you guys enjoy this episode.  I battle some anxiety as I take a flight to Austin, TX to be in one of my best friend’s weddings.  I learn the Texas two step and I get told that my mustache is inadequate by a 7 foot tall cowboy.  It was an amazing trip with some great friends! I also discuss Miley Cyrus, Boston Red Sox, and living in a RV to safe money.

available  on iTunes , stitcher, double twist, xbox live, Microsoft Zune, or by visiting the above link.


Next Episode? I’m trying guys

Episode four is almost ready and I grow weary.  “Chasing the dream of being a stand up comic”, well kind of.  I am not able to get on stage here for a couple of weeks and it bums me out.  I am going to keep doing the podcast of course, but getting up is supposed to be a big part of it.  I live a couple of hours away from where most comedy is going on, which makes getting stage time a little difficult.  When it comes to stand up you really need to be in the mix all the time when you are first starting out.  I am supporting a family with my cop job and have little time for hobbies.  My wife is very supportive and believes in my ability to succeed in comedy but also can’t be asked to raise two kids alone.  So here in lies my problem friends.  I think that I will try to set a certain amount of times I do stand up per month and really try to stick with it.  Anyway, the podcast will go on perhaps with a few guests in the near future.  It is a funny thing to get up on stage and proclaim “I am funny, listen to me!”  It is even stranger to talk into a recorder for 1/2 hour and assume that people will find that entertaining enough to keep coming back.  So far so good guys! Thank you to all that have been listening and following, it truly means a lot to me!

Steve G


Getting Up

Episode 3 release tomorrow

We’ll, episode 3 is slapped together and ready to be uploaded. I think I will try to make Tuesdays my new episode release day. That is of course if I can keep getting content at this pace. That is one thing that I worry about. These early podcasts had a lot of getting to know you type crap. Now I am getting into different waters, gonna need some good talking points. I have been doing well with downloads so far but this upcoming release will be a good test of how well received the podcast really is. The first couple of downloads you get a lot of curious / supportive friends and family clicking their asses off. This next episode will probably show me the amount of people that actually enjoyed this fahhkin thing. It is a ballsy / cocky/ borderline douchey/ thing to publish a podcast of just you explaining what’s going on in your life. If it goes over well and people are into it then you come off looking great. If it kinda just fades away you look like a reeeeaaaaal turd licker. So, how will this end for our handsome red headed ground ape? We just don’t know. I can say that every review/comment I have gotten on the show is very positive thus far. Let’s just see what episode 3 brings.

Gettin Up Podcast – so far so good

So the first two episodes have been completed and posted. I am getting the hang of podcasting and really starting to enjoy it. It’s hard when you are trying to be a comic but can’t get a lot of stage time because of your location. The podcast really does help to work shit out. I can see why so many comedians have these things, material. You prepare differently for a podcast than you would for stage but you do prepare for both. The podcast feels easier to just let things fly and see where they go, has to be the lack of all those beady eyes. I feel looser faster on the podcast. The good news is that people are telling me that they really liked listening to the show! This was a nice surprise. I really only expected a handful of listeners at best but ended up with a couple hundred on the first episode! And better than that was that they all returned for episode 2! I hope that anyone that ventures onto my blog will give my show a shot! Thanks to all that took the time to stop by!